• Bank Accounts. Copy the latest statement from any account you own.

  • Medical Expenses. Copies of bills, receipts or statements from health care providers showing what you have paid and also what you expect to pay in the future.

  • Rent/Mortgage Expenses. Any documentation showing what you pay, and for renters you need to provide the landlord's contact information as well.

  • Expenses for your Dependants. Any receipts proving what you pay for your dependants.

Medicaid Benefit - Cash Help for Families

TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. This program will help you and your family pay for day-to-day things like food, clothing and housing if needed. TANF will help your family with cash payments if you have children 18 and younger living at home. Should you find yourself in a crisis, such as losing your job or home or medical emergencies - TANF can give you a one-time cash assistance, but only once a year. If you are a grandparent caring for a child - you might qualify for TANF as well.

Medicaid Benefit - Health Care

This benefit can help you pay your medical bills for doctors, hospitals and medicines. CHIP is the Children's Health Insurance Program. There is also a program for pregnant women and one for an adult caring for a child who lives at home.

Medicaid Benefit - Over 65 or Disabled.

Medicaid benefits in Texas are available to anyone over 65 and for people with disabilities. This program helps people who might have lost their Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for some reason. Also if you need to be in a nursing home or are disabled you might qualify for Medicaid. More information (PDF)

What you need before you apply for any Texas Medicaid Benefits

You need to have your documentation in order for any and all people applying for benefits. These are:

  • Identification. Who you are. Driver's license for example.

  • Proof of Immigration Status. Copies of your Resident Card (Green Card) and/or arrival/departure card (I-94). Or other proof of citizenship status.

  • Legal representation - if you have a lawyer, you need to bring a Power of Attorney proving that you have authorized him or her to represent you.

  • Social Security or other government payment stubs, and any retirement income you might have.

  • Military Service - bring your current military ID, orders or separation papers.

  • Child Support information. If you have to pay child support, bring the court papers. If your children receives child support - same thing. Bring the court documents.

  • VA Benefits if you get that. Bring the pay stubs or award letter.

  • Loan Agreements - if you have someone paying you any money whatsoever, you must bring documentation that explains the arrangement.

For a full brochure - view or download this PDF document.


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