CHIP - Children's Medicaid in Texas


CHIP - Children’s Medicaid in Texas

Families with children benefitting from Children’s Medicaid pay 0 dollars, and children with CHIP pay no more than $50 per year for health care coverage. Sometimes, families with CHIP may also need to pay co-pays for some services.

Coverage of Texas' CHIP program:

      •    Dentist visits - cleanings - fillings
      •    Eye exams - glasses
      •    Choice of doctors - regular checkups - and office visits
      •    Prescription drugs - vaccines
      •    Access to medical specialists - mental health care
      •    Hospital care
      •    Medical supplies, X-rays, and lab tests
      •    Treatment of special health needs
      •    Treatment of pre-existing conditions

Do you qualify for CHIP or Children's Medicaid in Texas?

A child must be:

      • Age 18 or less - children up to 20 years old can qualify for Children's Medicaid in some cases
      • A state of Texas resident
      • A United States citizen or permanent resident (Greencard)

What if the parents are not US citizens or permanent residents?

The CHIP officers do not ask about the citizenship/immigration status of the parent. Only the child applying must be a US citizen or legal permanent resident in Texas to be considered for CHIP/Children’s Medicaid coverage.

Who can apply?

      • Any adult who lives more than half the time with an uninsured child may apply. This includes parents, stepparents, grandparents, other relatives, legal guardians, or adult brothers or sisters.
      • Anyone age 19 or younger who lives on their own can apply.
      • A pregnant person of any age can apply for CHIP perinatal services for her unborn child or apply for Medicaid.

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