The Medicaid application process in Texas is similar to that of other states. In Texas, the county Medicaid office is available to answer questions about an eligibility, qualifying for Medicaid, or ins and outs of the application process.

When completing a Medicaid application:

• Complete an application in person at the community Medicaid office

• Phone applications are not permitted.

Information to Have on Hand for Your Medicaid Application

When completing your Medicaid application, you will need the following:

• Birth certificate or driver's license.

• Social security card or proof of alien status (Green Card).

• Paystubs, Social Security statements, Supplemental Security Income, Veteran's Benefits, or other retirement income or tax return to prove your income.

• Proof of any financial assets you own.

• Proof of disability. If you are completing a Medicaid application because you are disabled, your doctor may need to submit documentation as specified on your Medicaid application.

• Proof of residence.

• Your red, white and blue Medicare card or other proof of health insurance.

Medicaid is a very beneficial state health insurance program. It is therefore important that you do not take any chances having a claim denied. You should consider hiring a TX Medicaid Attorney to fight for your rights today!


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